Playing with my big fun bags!


I don’t know any men who wouldn’t love to play with a big set of natural tits like mine. Am I right? I bet you’d like to lift up this skirt of mine and fuck my brains out too. Hehe!


I’m not sure you could handle these bad boys…or should I call them girls? I could smother your face, or make your cock disappear like Houdini with ’em! Then you could finish yourself on my sexy face. Sound good?


Here’s a little underboob action for ya! Are you ready for me to expose my boobies yet?


I bet that cock of yours is rock hard by now and ready to go. Isn’t it? Have I told you just how sensitive my nipples are?


Now that I’ve got the puppies out, get over here and motorboat them like it’s your job while I squeeze them around your face! When you’re done, make sure you suck and nibble on my nipples just a little bit. 😉


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Wanna see me play with myself?

rachel_love_diner_solo8Do you wanna see me play with my little pink pussy? I bet that’s a silly question to ask considering you’re at my site searching for free pictures and videos of me. 🙂 Today, I’m trying on my new pink nightie and sheer pink panties. Do you like them? The nightie can barely hold my boobies in!

rachel_love_diner_solo15How about my ass…does it look good here? I bet you just want to come up behind me and pound this big, white booty, don’t you? I surely wouldn’t mind having my pussy pounded hard right about now. I need a good fucking! Is this an onion booty or what ever you are calling them now-a-days?

rachel_love_diner_solo24This right here is motor-boating material. I’d probably suffocate you if I smothered you with these tits. 😀 But you’d love every second of it. That I know for sure. You know what else I love? Being titty fucked! Lube these babies up with your pre-cum and pound away as I wrap them around your cock tighter than a Fleshlight. It’s even better when you finish on my face.

rachel_love_diner_solo32Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Oh, my nipples are so damn sensitive! I even love it when you nibble on them a little. Just not too hard! I can already feel my pussy getting moist and I’m horny as hell. Lets get this show rolling, shall we?

rachel_love_diner_solo42What are you waiting for? Get your ass over here. This pussy isn’t going to lick itself! I’ll spread my pussy lips nice and wide so you can find my clit and go to town. Sound good? I’m going to shove your face deep in there so you get it good!

rachel_love_diner_solo52I told you I was getting wet! I had to try a taste…and is that not one of the sweetest pussies you’ve ever tasted or what? I almost wish I could eat my own pussy. 😉 I probably wouldn’t ever leave my house. I’d just lay on the couch all day licking away like it was a never ending gobstopper.

rachel_love_diner_solo90I’m done teasing you and myself. I’ve been jonesing to get myself off and I just cant take it any longer. I grabbed my little pink pocket rocket, pulled my panties to the side, spread my bald pussy lips and placed this vibrator right onto my swollen bean. Oh god yes…This is just what I have been needing!

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All alone and fucking myself

rachel-love-masturbating_01Sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in quite some time guys! I figured I’d come in and wish all of my fans a Merry Holidays before it got crazy around here. I recently added this brand new set to my members area and couldn’t wait to show it off. I love my outfit in this scene!

rachel-love-masturbating_02Even though I didn’t keep the outfit on long, I still love it. I might wear it again some time for you all, but for now I’m here to show you more than just a sexy outfit…Right? I took my top and bottoms off, but kept my heels on for all of you heel lovers. I bent over to tease you with my plump ass before I got to the real fun. -wink wink-

rachel-love-masturbating_03Oh, what do we have here? One of the best sex toys in the world! This toy could have me cumming again and again – all night long, baby! Wouldn’t you just love for your rock hard cock to be that lucky little blue dildo? I bet sure bet you would!

rachel-love-masturbating_04How about this position? Do you like giving it doggystyle? That’s probably my favorite position. There’s nothing like getting pounded from behind while your balls slap against my pussy. Mmmmhmmmmm!

rachel-love-masturbating_05I couldn’t help but to grab my vibrator and toy my clit as I fucked with my fat and juicy pussy with this big blue dildo. My pussy was literally soaked and I was ready to explode…which didn’t take long after this photo.

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Big Cock Play Date

Rachel Love big tit milf pornstar
Rachel Love hardcore blowjob big cock

Im really feeling fucking horny today as its been a long time since I have been fucked real hard by a big cock. Well today is my day as Christian who is well hung is coming over today, he doesn’t know yet what I have in store for him but he will soon find out. You see I want my ass eaten out and I want to to be fucked really hard. I know how to get what I want so watch and see how it goes!

Rachel Love hardcore fucking big cock
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Rachel Love hardcore fuck

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Glamour In Black Dress

Big Tit Rachel Love pornstar cleavage

Heres a change for me, I was waiting at the doctors office for an exam… Ok I know I cant fool you, for a little fun when a photographer walks in. I strike up a conversation with him and persuade him to take photos of me in my new black dress. I thank him by showing a little nipple, you will love these.
Big Tit Rachel Love short black dress

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Black Jacket

big tit Rachel Love pornstar

big tit Rachel Love stripping nude short skirt

This jacket looks good on me, I wonder what will go with it. How about these big tits of mine do they match? How about my little pink vibrator, will this go with it? I know where it will go, it fits nicely into my pussy. It drives me wild, Im so wet Im cumming all over it. Yum, I taste so good on this vibrator. Come see it all on my exclusive website on the Pornstar Platinum network!

big tit Rachel Love vibrator masturbating
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I Love Pink

pornstar Rachel Love lingerie big tits

pornstar Rachel Love big boobs nude

Here I am again, sitting bored in my living room in my pink dress and panties. Lets take some sexy photos of me as I slowly get these cloths off and show you my real pink.. you know what Im talking about. I will put my fingers in me open me up so you can get a better look, you take such nice photos, enjoy.

pornstar Rachel Love nude masturbation boobs

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My Pink Egg Vibrator

big boob Rachel Love bikini boots

big boob Rachel Love huge tits masturbation

How do you like my new bathing suit and my matching boots? Im mixing snow and the beach what do you think? Lets get comfortable, Im taking my top off why dont you, feel better? Now we can drop the bottoms… you grab your cock as I work this pink Easter egg in my pussy. I came, did you, how did it feel? Ya, I thought so!

big boob Rachel Love sex toy dildo

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36F Boobs & The Vibrating Toy!

Do you like my big 36F MILF tits? Of course you do! I’m here for you in the MILF DEN and I’m ready and so fucking horny right now! Wow, look what my producer left me, The Famous Vibrating Toy, what a guy! Well I’m going to use it on myself so take your cock out and you know what cums next…


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Check out my latest update – DIRTY DOCTOR!!

Well, you caught me out of the MILF den, just as well. I’m a doctor you know, and people need me! People need my caring ways, my sexy ways & my big fucking tits! So step inside my office for a full examination… you can exam me all you want! I’m the doctor but it’s you who will be conducting this exam!

You can try to get my temperature if you like, rectally! You’re also going to love the fucking machine I have in my doctors office, trust me.

There is a full HD video of this hot action. If you want to see the whole thing…

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